Facebook Releases “Lecciones,” “Tomorrow”

Facebook is making good use of their video-on-demand capabilities this week with the announcement of two films utilising the social media site as a key part of their North American release strategy reports Deadline.

2010’s “Tomorrow, When The War Began”, the Australian “Red Dawn”-esque action thriller will be made available to rent through Facebook via social cinema technology from February 24th, the same day it is scoring both a limited theatrical release and being made available on VOD platforms in the United States through Freestyle Digital Media.

The $29 million Stuart Beattie-directed film follows eight teenagers waging a guerrilla war against an invading foreign power in their fictional country hometown.

Also this week comes word that Latin American independent studio Talleres Uchawi will make its Colombian rom-com box-office hit “Lecciones Para Un Beso” (Lessons for a Kiss) available for online rental via Facebook.

Users will pay one dollar to “rent” the film which will be accessible by its fan page followers. That film revolves around a Bogota teenager who is forced to move to Cartagena where his mother decides to open a restaurant, and it’s there he falls for a young girl he is trying to woo.