Extraordinary Gentlemen Reboot Gets Feminine

A few months ago came word that 20th Century Fox was planning a new film adaptation of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic series “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.

The first adaptation in 2003 starred Sean Connery in what would be his final role and followed a group of Victorian-era literary characters who try to save the world. The comic was widely acclaimed but the film strayed from the source material so much as to be almost unrecognisable – and at the same time was both a critical and commercial dud.

Out doing press at the Television Critics Association this week, producer John Davis was asked by Collider about the status of the new take. He says:

“Just by going back to the roots and making it authentic to what the fan base was really excited about. It’s female-centric, which I think is interesting. I love female characters, point-of-view characters in action movies. I thought Mad Max was great. I think you can always find a fresh way of doing something and going back to the basics. What is that people love? What is it that made them love the property in the first place?… You can’t save the world with conventional people when unconventional things are happening.”

That’s surprising considering that although the main character of Mina Murray is a woman and a strong character, practically all the supporting characters are all male and it isn’t really seen as a strongly female-centric work.

No word as to when this project might head into production though.