Extended “Walking Dead” Season Two Promo

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is still in the midst of production on the second season due to begin in October. Behind-the-scenes the show is a mess right now, The Hollywood Reporter saying that AMC’s president Charlie Collier and head of programming Joel Stillerman visited the Atlanta set yesterday to talk with disgruntled cast and crew upset over the firing of showrunner, writer and executive producer Frank Darabont late last month.

Fan reaction has turned against AMC after an LA Times article indicated the series underwent major budget cuts, slashing $250,000 off each episode to essentially help pay for the rich deal to “Mad Men” creator Matt Weiner to do two more seasons of that show.

‘Dead’ pulls in nearly three times the audience of ‘Men’ so understandably those involved aren’t that happy with management right now, speculation is rife that Darabont’s displeasure with network demands to make more episodes for less money was the reason for his sacking.

In more pleasant news however, the show’s UK broadcaster FX has released a nearly five minute trailer for the second season with a lot of story points from last season continued on in the brief bits of footage. This is the same as the Comic Con trailer that hit a few weeks ago, but that was only available on AMC’s site and accessible only to those within the United States.