Extended Version Of Leone’s “America” Hits Blu

Sergio Leone’s final film “Once Upon A Time In America” has gone through various different incarnations over the years. Leone originally crafted a 269 minute version, but the first public screening was his own 229 minute cut at Cannes in 1984.

Then, that version was hacked to pieces and re-arranged by others, resulting in a 139 minute version Leone didn’t approve but which saw a theatrical release in the United States.

Subsequently a 180 minute version and the original 229 minute version made it to TV and home video respectively in the 1990s. A 251 minute restored version played at Cannes in 2012 but hasn’t been played again since.

Now, Warner Bros. has finally announced a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of the film with the runtime also clocking in at 251 minutes. The set will also include the 1984 theatrical cut for comparison sake, along with a making-of documentary and a booklet. It’s scheduled to street on September 30th.

Source: The Playlist