Extended Trailer For “The 100” Season 6

Extended Trailer For The 100 Season 6

The CW’s “The 100” reinvents itself every year and 2018’s fifth season was no different. It started out as a fight between condemned prisoners and the forced to turn cannibal survivors for the only inhabitable land left on an Earth ravaged by nuclear fire. By the end, the last remnants of humanity takes off for a new planet light years away – closing out ‘Book I’.

Now the network has released the first trailer for the sixth season, the start of ‘Book II’, in which the survivors arrive on a new and lush planet light years away – ‘Sanctum’. For the first time in their lives, Clarke and the gang land on a functioning planet that not only supports human life but hosts a human society as technologically advanced as the world before the apocalypse.

But it’s not a paradise. The survivors are subjected to numerous problems from understandably wary leaders to masked extremists, dangerous wildlife and eclipse-induced mass psychosis. The new season kicks off April 30th.