Extended Episodes For “Thrones” Final Season?

The first “Game of Thrones” fan convention, dubbed “Con of Thrones,” wrapped this evening in Nashville just several weeks ahead of the big-budget fantasy show’s return on July 16th.

We know the upcoming seventh season will consist of seven episodes with one running just 50 minutes, three running 59 minutes, one running 63 minutes, one running 71 minutes, and the finale clocking in at a feature-length 81 minutes – the longest episode to date. The extra runtime adds up to the equivalent of eight standard episodes of the show.

Vanity Fair reports that one of the attendees on the panels was series sound designer Paula Fairfield who has been with the series since the start of the third season. It appears she dropped the most interesting revelation – that they’re currently considering having each of the six episodes of the eighth season clocking in at that 80+ minute runtime.

Should that estimate hold once production and edits are done, it would see the final season clocking in at the equivalent of nearly nine standard episodes – one shy of a regular season.