Experimenter Duo Plan Nikola Tesla Biopic

“Experimenter” and “Marjorie Prime” director Michael Almereyda and producer Uri Singer are re-teaming to create a biopic about legendary inventor Nicola Tesla.

Born in Serbia in 1856, Tesla immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1880s and began working for Thomas Edison. A warm professional relationship turned into a fierce, hostile rivalry as Tesla quit after feeling he had been unfairly compensated.

Their rivalry formed the basis for the ‘current wars’ of the 1880s and 1890s, as Edison was a proponent of direct current, while Tesla advocated alternating current transmission. Tesla also conceived of innovations that others would later realise like wireless communications, remote-control devices and X-ray imaging.

Tesla’s inventions and exaggerated public image inspired future scientists and countless works of fiction such as “The Prestige”. The new film will look at his struggles trying to achieve his uncompromising visions, encounters with the likes of George Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan, and his life as an outsider and the legacy he left behind.

Almereyda penned the script with pre-production to begin in April and casting now underway.

Source: Deadline