Expendables 2 Confirmed To Be An R

Sylvester Stallone pretty much outraged the fanboys earlier this year when he revealed his action sequel “The Expendables 2” was going to be rated PG-13, a distinct change from the R-rated original.

At the time the talk was that the change was done at the behest of co-star Chuck Norris who forced the filmmakers to cut out all of the foul language because he doesn’t do R rated movies.

Now it appears someone has changed their mind. Stallone tells StalloneZone that “after taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, Expendables 2 is an R.” In any case the MPAA hasn’t given any official rating to the film as yet, and with five months to go there’s plenty of time for alterations.

More importantly the film does seem to be back to being more akin to the first film’s mandate – a rough and brutal action film that works as good counter-programming to all the PG-13 FX-driven fare that floods the cineplexes over the Summer.