“Expanse,” “Magicians” S2 Trailers & Dates

Syfy has managed to reverse its image in recent years with several original science-fiction shows which have scored good reviews. Arguably the best of the bunch, certainly in terms of acclaim, is “The Expanse”.

The network’s inheritor to “Battlestar Galactica” stars Thomas Jane and Steven Strait and is set in a future with three factions – the well-off Earth, a militarised Mars, and the working class of the asteroid belt – with someone (or some thing) manipulating events to start a war. Today, Syfy has announced a Wednesday February 8th premiere date for the show’s second season and released a short trailer for the new episodes.

Syfy has also set a second season premiere date for its popular drama series “The Magicians” which will return Wednesday January 25th. Based on the bestselling novels from Lev Grossman, the story follows a group of young magicians who must draw upon their novice skills to defeat a threat that could destroy the magical world itself. Check out the new trailer just released below: