“Exorcist” Series Producers Stress Film Links

Various recent TV shows based on films such as “12 Monkeys,” “Rush Hour” and the upcoming “Lethal Weapon” are all straight up reboots or a re-imagining of their respective properties. The same is not true of FOX’s “The Exorcist” TV series which the producers confirmed this week takes place in the same universe as the original Friedkin film.

Executive producer and director Rupert Wyatt says the series takes place in Chicago, forty years after the events depicted in the film. The pilot also includes mentions of the priest characters who appeared in the film, and makes occasional use of the iconic Mike Oldfield composition ‘Tubular Bells’

In regards to using that music, Wyatt said: “We never set out to use it… [but we] tried it at the end of the [pilot] cut, and we realized that it worked. If you can earn something through the story then it should go in. It was always our intent not to just plaster it on for the sake of homage.”

Fellow executive producer Jeremy Slater adds that: “it was important to let everyone know that this is a continuation of an existing story” and that their main goal is to carry over the grounded tone and realistic atmosphere of the first film along with Friedkin’s agnostic approach to the material.

The show’s star Geena Davis is very proud of the fact that not only was she given plenty of input but that half the show’s writers and two of its directors are women, with female characters given story arcs that dominate the series.

The new series premieres September 23rd.

Source: Variety