“Exorcist” Producer Pens “Tommyknockers”

Exorcist Producer Pens Tommyknockers

“The Exorcist” showrunner Jeremy Slater has been brought onboard to pen the screenplay for the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1987 novel “The Tommyknockers” at Universal Pictures.

The story focuses on a woodland town in Maine where long buried and recently unearthed alien spacecraft begins releasing an invisible gas that starts transforming the town’s population into a hive-minded group of beings who become inventive technological geniuses as a side effect.

Those who are ‘becoming’ begin to lose their health and sanity, while the main character is an alcoholic poet who is immune to the ship’s effects due to a steel plate in his head from a teenage ski accident.

King himself says the work was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella “The Colour Out of Space”. While critically it’s nowhere near as well regarded as some of his best work, it remains the second best-selling King book of all time in its initial hardcover release.

“Conjuring” spin-off producers James Wan and Michael Clear along with “IT” producer Roy Lee will produce the film.

Source: Variety