Exorcist III Director’s Cut To Hit Blu-ray

While “The Exorcist II” is widely seen as a failure, “The Exorcist III: Legion” is considered a very effective and underrated horror film in spite of its obvious production problems.

Written and directed by “The Exorcist” author William Peter Blatty based on his own 1983 novel “Legion,” George C. Scott plays a police detective who investigates the case of a supernatural serial killer. Morgan Creek Productions ordered much of the third act be reshot and an exorcism thrown into the mix that wasn’t there originally.

In the years since there’s been talk about Blatty’s original and uncompromised cut of the film eventually making an appearance, along with expressions of curiosity from fans as to what it might look like. Back in 2007 though Morgan Creek said all of the trimmed and alternate scenes for the film had been lost.

It looks like someone must’ve found them though as The Ninth Configuration followed up on some cryptic tweets from Morgan Creek and scored a confimation from Blatty himself that the company is now planning a Blu-ray release of Blatty’s director’s cut. A specific date has not been mentioned.