Exhibitors Drop “Steve Jobs” In Droves

Yet another disappointing box office performance this past weekend for Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” biopic has been revealed to have been in part due to a major lack of confidence in the movie from exhibitors.

Cult of Mac reports that the film, which started out robust in limited release in New York and Los Angeles, went wide on October 23rd with fairly high expectations. Its performance underwhelmed, coming in 7th place with $7.3 million – around two-fifths of what early estimates suggested.

Now, on this past third weekend of its wide release, the film has been removed from 2,072 cinemas – leaving it with only a fraction of its original 2,411 wide theatrical screen run.

Reviews for the film were gushing during the Fall film festival circuit, but the enthusiastic reaction was tempered when the movie was screened for regular critics – the project also losing some of its potential awards contender status in the process.