Exhibition Chief Watched “Slave” On Disc

We’re in an age when more and more are often forgoing theatrical exhibition in favor of waiting for home video or streaming, especially in regards to non-tentpole films or movies that don’t have an immediate “must see” value to them.

When your job though is CEO of the National Association Of Theater Owners, exhibition is your business. The current man in the position, John Fithian, has come under some fire today for revealing that he watched this year’s Best Picture Winner “12 Years A Slave” on disc rather than in a cinema – unlike all the other nominees. Making his annual speech at CinemaCon, Fithian said:

“Yet it [‘Slave’] was the only movie of the nine nominated for best picture that I didn’t watch on the big screen… It’s not that I didn’t consider the movie worthy of watching. Quite the contrary. ’12 Years A Slave’ constitutes one of the most important movies of our generation. It’s simply that, for me, the movie was too unequivocally intense to watch in a cinema, so I waited and watched it home.”

In other exhibition news from CinemaCon, the National Association of Theatre Owners is launching a ticketing experiment that would offer discounts during off-nights during the week.

The test will be limited to one state and will launch at some point this year, and it isn’t known how steep the discounts are likely to be or how long the experiment will last.

The practice of a one day a week discount in film ticket prices has been done in several other countries where it is sometimes slapped with the nickname “tightwad Tuesdays”.

Source: THR & The Wrap