Exclusive: First Two-Face Toy Photos

They’re a touch blurry as they had to be surreptitiously shot, but seeing as we’ve yet to see even a glimpse of Aaron Eckhart in his Two-Face makeup for “The Dark Knight”, these technically constitute a first look.

Below are some photos snuck out from a restricted press event at the recent Toy Fair in New York showing off the Two-Face tie-in action figure from “The Dark Knight”. The photo displays the look of the Two-Face form of Harvey Dent (Eckhart) whose face becomes scarred by acid. Already confirmed is that the look will be made by combining both make-up and computer effects.

The photos interestingly reveal some notable changes from both the comic’s look and his previous film appearance in 1995’s “Batman Forever”. Rather than a suit utilising different colors, this one is the same navy blue suit but the scarred half seems more scuffed and crumpled. The facial scarring does not fully encompass half his head rather about a third of it and is dark purple in color. One eye looks notably red and the surrounding socket damaged (the most likely use for the CG will be here). Anyway without further ado, here’s the pics – click for larger versions: