“Evil Dead 2” Talk & “Child’s Play” Series Set

Filmmaker Fede Alvarez, currently at work on “The Girl in The Spider’s Web” ahead of its release this Fall, has revealed that he’s interested in doing a sequel to his 2013 reboot of the “Evil Dead” franchise.

The first film cost $17 million and made $97.5 million worldwide, a sequel didn’t happen but Alvarez went on to direct “Don’t Breathe” which became a critical and commercial hit. Now, speaking with EW, Alvarez says as long as he and the original creatives can come up with a story to justify it, a new “Evil Dead 2” could happen:

“Making my Evil Dead was an amazing experience, it was my first film. So, going back at some point will be a possibility. I mean, I’m really good friends with all those guys, with Bruce [Campbell], and Sam [Raimi], and Rob (Tapert). So, we always chat about it. The good news – and I think that’s what sometimes people don’t understand – is, none of those guys will make any of these movies just because they can, just because it’s good business.

They will only make it if they believe they have some good story to tell. A lot of people say that in this industry, but most of the time it’s not true. With those guys, all of us involved in those movies, we will just make them if we believe there’s a story that has to be told, and is awesome, and is great, and we believe that it will be better than anything that will be done before in that world. [When] we find that story, when we all agree on what it is, it will probably happen.”

The talk comes as Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” has been cancelled with franchise star Bruce Campbell giving up his role of Ash.

Meanwhile “Child’s Play” creator Don Mancini has confirmed via social media that a TV series version of his killer doll film franchise is in the works. Word first broke in February of the project being in early development with both Mancini and producer David Kirschner onboard.

The film’s story arc is expected to continue in the series, offering a unique connection between film and TV.
“Child’s Play” first opened in 1988 to strong reviews and was a solid success, with six sequels opening or releasing to more mixed reaction. Brad Dourif has lent his voice to the role of Chucky across the various films of the franchise.