Evans: “The Raid 3” Isn’t Going To Happen

Gareth Evans’ 2011 Indonesia action film “The Raid” and its 2014 follow-up “The Raid 2” may have both had only soft outings at the box-office, but both were critically acclaimed and have managed to snag a loyal cult audience.

Evans returns next month with “Apostle,” a very different and darker horror tale which will be released via Netflix. Doing early press for it, the filmmaker has confirmed that there are no plans for a further film in “The Raid” series. He tells CinemaBlend:

“The Raid 3 was… at one point it was on my radar. I had a full idea. I know what the storyline would have been. But I think enough time has passed now that I think I’m not likely to go back and revisit it. We had a lot of fun making those films, and I think we came to a nice, sort of natural conclusion with [The Raid 2]. And I think sometimes you can have a little bit too much of a good thing.”

Separately he shared a similar sentiment to Slashfilm, telling them:

“The Raid 1 and 2 were incredible for me, but I just didn’t want to be doing The Raids all the time. And the more time has gone on from that, the less interested I’ve been to go back there. What we did with The Raid 2, we kinda close that off nicely, so it didn’t really appeal to me to jump back into that world again.”

Hollywood was pushing hard on an English-language remake of the original at one point, but it never came together. “Apostle,” starring Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen, premieres on Netflix on October 12th.