Evans, Downey, More On “Civil War” Fight

Following on from the EW cover and “Black Panther” interview, many of the key people involved in “Captain America: Civil War” have spoken about the film to the magazine who’ve been publishing those interviews over the course of the past day or so.

Of course the main thing that everyone is talking about is the fight between the heroes and the new character dynamics that emerge out of their conflict. Captain America himself, actor Chris Evans, says that the complexity of this battle is what makes it appealing:

“In most of the movies, there’s no question who we should be siding with. We all agree Nazis are bad, aliens from space are bad. But this movie’s the first time where you really have two points of view. There’s really no wrong answer here and it’s just a matter of who we are as men: Tony Stark and myself. Which side of the aisle do we come down on? So it’s hard for [Cap]. It becomes a question of morality and I don’t think he’s ever been so uncertain with what right and wrong is.”

Co-director Joe Russo says the fight is more like a family squabble than anything else:

“The story is about family. And what happens if they don’t agree. We’ve been comparing it to a fight at a wedding. What happens when your cousin and your brother go at it, and whose side are you on, and where does it go from there?”

Co-director Anthony Russo says once the fight is done, things only get more complicated:

“How do you move forward from a moment where people who used to love each other and were on the same side, now hate each other and are trying to hurt each other? [Cap is] such a strong, grounded, morally centered, ethically centered character. You can beat at him pretty hard as a hero, to try to crack that strength – both morally and physically.”

Steve Rogers’ motivations are the key to this fight, specifically his relationship with Bucky and the fact he’s the only person who knew him back before he became the Winter Soldier. Evans says:

“No one on this planet knew him then. No one is left. He doesn’t have any peace with his youth. He doesn’t have any peace from his life, so Bucky and whatever happens with Bucky in this movie… That’s a big piece in terms of him kind of finding his own purpose in what he’s fighting for and how that friendship can come back to life. Not just them as soldiers, but them as friends.”

Robert Downey Jr. weighs in on Tony Stark’s role as the antagonist of the film as such and compares it to the decisions he’s made in previous films. He describes Tony and Steve’s relationship as “the lead singers of a group who have been together for too long” and says Stark’s viewpoint is one the actor fully agrees with:

“I’ve always thought of it in some ways that Tony is the antagonist to himself in his own story, so this isn’t a problem. This guy understands problems ’cause he is a problem. And he tends to create problems. I’m not having to patter around what I think the worldview is. I wholeheartedly agree with what he does in this. Which is, by the way, more than I could say for some of the other movies.”

Scarlett Johansson weighs in on Black Widow’s role in the film which is one of not only self-growth but making a decision for the greater good even if it means going against her own principles:

“I don’t think she’s ever aspired to become an Avenger. That’s not really a choice that she made. It’s kind of like the events in her life led her to that point and when we see her [in Civil War], she’s finally capable of making a choice for herself. Which is kind of a milestone in someone’s life when they’ve not really participated in the decisions that were made for them.

She’s finally at a place where she’s going, ‘Okay, I actually kind of know what I want. And I think I kind of deserve it.’… Unfortunately the events that took place … she has this kind of greater calling and this huge pull towards doing what’s right for the greater good. And she chooses that, and it’s a really heroic thing that she does, I think.

I think when you find her in Civil War, she’s looking to strategize her position, putting herself in a place where she is able to let the powers that be fight it out or whatever amongst themselves. She’s always a little bit on the perimeter so she can have a better perspective of what’s really going on.”

The magazine also has a description of a key scene they saw being filmed. It’s spoiler filled and reveals a bit more about Martin Freeman’s character. Click here to read it. There’s also several new images below, including a great shot of Black Panther.

“Captain America Civil War” opens on May 6th 2016.

Source: EW