Evans As Superman In League?

There’s been a lot of casting rumours about Wonder Woman, The Flash, even Batman for the upcoming “Justice League” movie, but barely any for Superman.

With both Brandon Routh and Tom Welling confirmed to not be slipping into the blue tights, and confirmation that George Miller is skewing young with the cast, today came this unconfirmed rumour from ‘Russian Blue’ which mentions an entirely new name:

“About three weeks ago some casting sessions took place in London’s SoHo area for a movie called Justice League. I didn’t know what it was until I saw the character list later. I would have figured it out earlier but with a movie like that one they don’t let them actually read from the proper script until they’re officially cast.

Anyway after going through a whole bunch of British actors, I heard today that one of them has been cast as Superman. Anyway, the guy everyone is talking about is called Rupert Evans.”

The 30-year-old baby-faced British thesp is best remembered as rookie agent John Myers in Guillermo Del Toro’s adaptation of the comic “Hellboy” in 2004. His other credits include “Guantanamero”, TV movies “North & South” and “Fingersmith,” and guest spots on sitcom “My Family” and sci-fi series “Lexx”.