Eva Green Talks Her “Dark Shadows” Role

Previously, Johnny Depp revealed that his character of Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s upcoming “Dark Shadows” will remain very similar to the one in the ’60s-era supernatural soap upon which the film is based.

Now, actress Eva Green tells MTV News that her role as Angelique will be far different from the version Lara Parker played on the show. Green says “I haven’t seen the TV series, but from what I’ve seen on the Internet, it’s very different. My character is very different. She’s American, blonde, cool, in the ’70s. She is this sexy witch, very powerful in town, she’s very cool. She has many faces.”

From the sounds of it Burton is also going to keep the show’s period time frame rather than update it for a contemporary setting. Spanning 1,200 episodes, the show varied between high camp and some very dark and serious moments. One question that has arisen is what tone is Burton striving for?

Green says “It’s something that he’s never done, I think. It’s much more focused on the actors. It could almost be a play…The script is very powerful and funny. [Angelique’s] relationship with Barnabas, that ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ relationship, very love-hate – it’s very funny.”