Eurovision Movie In The Works

Scribe Dan Mazer (“Borat”) and producer Damian Jones (“The History Boys”) will produce a comedy about the Eurovision Song Contest for Working Title Films reports RTE Ireland.

The 52-year-old annual competition, which had its grand final this past Saturday night in Helsinki, brings together pop acts from 42 countries to compete for its grand prize and has launched the careers of the likes of Abba, Celine Dion and Bucks Fizz.

One of the most watched TV events in the world with several hundred million viewers tuning in from around the globe, it’s famous for being an unabashedly cheesy and kitsch event.

Among the more notables this year were a Ukranian drag queen in a mirror ball cap who was the favorite to win going in, a French group with eccentric Gaultier-designed costumes, a pretty good Georgian band mixing rave music & Cossack dancing, and the dismal scoring British sexy stews. The winner was Serbian singer Marija Serifovic, an odd look but a great voice and solid ballad number.

“Eurovision: The Movie” was originated by Mazer and Jones, who will produce.