Esposito Skips Marvel TV For Marvel Films

Despite being part of the same on screen universe, the divide between Marvel’s film and television divisions seems to be growing now that Kevin Feige and Ike Perlmutter have been essentially free of each other for a while now and can concentrate on their own things.

Before the split we saw actors from the films make cameos or even segue fully into the shows, but the reverse situation of characters from the shows popping up on the big screen didn’t really happen. Since the split, that thinking seems to have been cemented – if you’re going to be introduced to the MCU in the shows, you’re not going to be in the films.

This now appears to be having an impact on casting with “Breaking Bad” favorite Giancarlo Esposito revealing to this week that he actually turned down an opportunity to be a part of Marvel TV but turned it down as he wants to be a part of the Marvel films:

“I know the Marvel world exists on the Disney lot. I love those guys at Marvel. We’ve been trying to figure out how to collaborate on something. I’m hoping that it is something. They came to me with something for their television department, then I realized if I did that, I’d never be able to have that same character be in that film department. Once you’re in a Marvel character in the television version, you have to stay in the particular character. They can’t carry that over to film.”

The downside of this thinking is that high-profile talent such as Esposito are deliberately turning down roles on TV because they know the characters won’t appear in the movies, but there’s also no guarantee they’ll have film roles either. It also begs the question, what role was Esposito offered on TV?