Esposito, Harris Commit “Patriotic Treason”

“Breaking Bad” and “Revolution” actor Giancarlo Esposito has lined up historical drama “Patriotic Treason” as his next directorial effort.

Ed Harris is set to star as radical abolitionist John Brown who lead the 1859 raid on Harper’s Ferry. Brown hoped the attack would ignite a slave uprising.

Instead it left eleven dead and led to Brown’s capture, after which he was found guilty of treason and hanged. The notoriety of his violent attacks are credited with sparking the Civil War.

Esposito will also star in the project as Frederick Douglass, a freed slave-turned-abolitionist and orator who declined to join the Harper’s Ferry attack.

Jose Rivera (“Motorcycle Diaries,” “On The Road”) adapted the script from Evan Carton’s 2006 book. Esposito, Keith Sweitzer, Robert Knott, Jesse Singer and David Johnson will produce. Filming aims to begin early in the Summer.

Source: TV Week