Esai Morales Is Deathstroke In “Titans”

Esai Morales Is Deathstroke In Titans

Esai Morales (“NYPD Blue,” “Ozark,” “Caprica”) has scored the role of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, in the upcoming second season of DC Universe and Netflix’s “Titans” series which is currently in production.

A major antagonist in DC Comics, the deadly contract assassin is an elite soldier who was subject to government testing which enhanced his physiology to near superhuman levels, putting him on a path of darkness and revenge.

Joe Manganiello briefly played the role in “Justice League” in a post-credits scene, while Manu Bennett has played the part for several years on “Arrow,” serving as the main antagonist of that show’s second season and recurring in later seasons.

Source: Batman-News