Erotic Manga “Barbara” Gets A Screen Adaptation

Erotic Manga Barbara Gets A Screen Adaptation

Third Window Films, The Fool and Rapid Eye Movies have teamed up for a live-action adaptation of the 1970s erotic manga “Barbara” by Osamu Tezuka.

Tezuka’s work reimagines “The Tales of Hoffmann” as an adult-orientated fantasy tale which deals with the erotic and bizarre experiences of a famous novelist whose life is tossed upside down by a mysterious girl. It touches on taboos including forbidden love, mystery, art, Eros, scandal and occultism.

The Japanese-UK-German co-production will be directed by Macoto Tezka, son of Tezuka. Fumi Nikaido, Goro Inagaki, Shizuka Ishibashi, Kiyohiko Shibukawa and Eri Watanabe co-star. Post-production is being handled in Germany, ahead of a 2019 release.

Source: Variety