Eric Bana Loses His Moistness In “Dry”

Eric Bana Loses His Moistness In Dry

“Romulus, My Father” star Eric Bana and director Robert Connolly are teaming up again for a feature film adaptation of Jane Harper’s bestselling novel “The Dry” at Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Roadshow Films.

Bana will play Aaron Falk, an Australian federal cop who returns to his drought-ravaged hometown, after an absence of two decades, to attend the funeral of childhood friend Luke.

Local police believe Luke killed his wife and child before taking his own life. Falk reluctantly agrees to investigate the crime, which opens an old wound – the death of teenager Ellie Deacon who was a childhood friend of Falk and Luke.

He begins to suspect these two crimes are connected but as he struggles to prove Luke’s innocence and his own, he faces the community’s prejudice and pent-up rage.

Connolly co-wrote the screenplay with Harry Cripps and will direct. Bruna Papandrea, Jodi Matterson and Steve Hutensky will produce. Shooting will take place from late February through mid-April in Victoria.

Source: Inside Film