Epix Set For The “Slaughterhouse-Five” TV Series

Epix has reportedly come onboard the planned TV series based on Kurt Vonnegut’s 1969 novel “Slaughterhouse-Five”. The project was first announced back in December and is being produced by Universal Cable productions.

The disjointed, non-linear storyline of the book follows Billy Pilgrim, a chaplain’s assistant in the U.S. Army who survives the firebombing of Dresden. He becomes ‘unstuck’ in time, with the story jumping from one point to another in his life.

“Happy!” and “Marco Polo” showrunner Patrick Macmanus will pen and executive produce the adaptation alongside Gale Anne Hurd, Jon Brown and Bradley Yonover. Macmanus said that he envisions the series as one that expands on the world of the novel while staying true to Vonnegut’s tone and themes.

Emmy nominated Kari Skogland (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) has also come onboard and will direct the premiere.

Source: Variety