Epic Trailer For New “Doctor Who” Season

The BBC have released a rather spectacular new trailer for the upcoming new season of “Doctor Who” which kicks off Easter weekend.

The trailer reveals some surprising new scenes – most visibly is a shot of Rory and Amy in the Ecclestone/Tennant-era TARDIS control room while a big gold flash is happening. Could they be witnessing the regeneration of Tennant’s 10th Doctor into Smith’s 11th?

There’s a return to the 51st Century locations seen at the start of last season’s “The Pandorica Opens”, creepy kids in masks, a pirate ship with ghosts, even The Doctor in a clown outfit in some dingy hotel room.

A scene mid-way through the trailer has a sinister voice in the TARDIS talking to Smith and boasting that it has killed hundreds of Time Lords. This is likely the same menace heard in last year’s finale and is responsible for causing the cracks in space and time that was the season long thread last year.

Who it is is unconfirmed right now, though hardcore fans are still most keen on the theory that it’s the return of classic series villain Omega, the stellar engineer responsible for giving the Time Lords the ability to time travel at the cost of being trapped forever in an antimatter universe.

Meanwhile a purported title for Neil Gaiman’s episode, the fourth one of the upcoming season, has been revealed – “The Doctor’s Wife”.

Former “Coronation Street” actress Suranne Jones will appear in the episode as Idris, a character Gaiman calls “an old acquaintance with a new face”.

How exactly the title applies is unsure, a trick ala “The Doctor’s Daughter” or “The Next Doctor” episodes perhaps? Also what does this mean for The Doctor’s relationship with River Song.

Of the episode, Gaiman says “It involves quite a big sprawl, huge alien world locations and a new take on a familiar character, which required a lot of work. it’s a big episode, but I think it’ll be one the fans will love. it’s a real love letter to the fans.”