Enjoy The “John Wick” VR Experience

Lionsgate has teamed up with VR startup Wevr to produce “John Wick,” a VR experience based on the cult 2014 film which featured Keanu Reeves as an assassin dragged out of retirement.

The experience, which HTC is currently showing off as part of its global roadshow for the HTC Vive VR headset, lets users become Wick and explore the Continental Hotel – a safe haven for assassins – on his behalf. The hotel was the setting for memorable scenes in the first film and is expected to appear again in the upcoming sequel.

In the VR version, you have to bribe the concierge, pick up dubious clues, and dodge bullets as someone breaks the Continental’s code of conduct and attacks your hotel room. You’ll also have to get on your knees to escape the bullets once the attack starts.

This experience comes ahead of Lionsgate’s plan to launch a full-blown VR video game based on the franchise next year.

Source: Variety