English Remake Of Uncertain Guest

Rodar y Rodar has teamed with Becker Intl. to produce an $8.3 million English-language remake of Guillem Morales’ 2005 psychological thriller “El habitante incierto” (The Uncertain Guest).

The producers aim to work with some of the original’s crew, shoot mostly in Spain, but set the film in London. Morales will supervise the screenplay, written by U.K. scribe William Davies, and helm the remake.

The original “Habitante” follows an increasingly delirious architect’s obsession with a man who’s taken up residence in his house, just as the architect is separating from his girlfriend.

Plans are for the remake to be “more open, bigger, less abstract, more realist and take in lots of London detail” said Rodar producer Mar Targarona to trade paper Variety.

Plans are also to include some top-level US & UK talent. Shooting will take place next year.