“Endgame” Directors On Avoiding Trailer Spoilers

Superbowl Spot Avengers Endgame

The marketing for Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” so far has been highly praised for its restraint. Those involved have made it clear the footage we’re seeing is only from the three-hour film’s first act and even then it has kept itself deliberately vague.

Despite all this, some have been deliberately avoiding the trailers for fear of seeing any and all potential spoilers. Turns out the film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, may be way ahead of us all. The pair, speaking with Empire Magazine for a feature piece, say they worked closely with the film’s marketing department to stop surprises being spoilt. Joe Russo says:

“We talked about all scales of marketing. The thing that’s most important to us is that we preserve the surprise of the narrative. When I was a kid and saw The Empire Strikes Back at 11am on the day it opened…It so profoundly moved me because I didn’t know a damn thing about the story I was going to watch. We’re trying to replicate that experience.”

In an interview back in May, Joe also said they consider trailers as a very different experience than the movie and so they have at their disposal: “lots of different shots that aren’t in the movie that we can manipulate through CG to tell a story that we want to tell specifically for the purpose of the trailer and not for the film.”

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has said this week the first three phases and 22 films thus far of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are now being differentiated from other MCU films in the future thanks to their new moniker – The Infinity Saga. He tells the mag:

“We wanted to bring to a conclusion a series of movies in a way that had never been done before. Harry Potter had an ending because there were only so many books. Lord of the Rings too. But we thought, 22 movies in, wouldn’t it be fun to bring some finality to the storyline.

People would point out that that Cap wasn’t in Infinity War a whole lot. And Iron Man didn’t really speak for that last half hour because of what was going on. But those characters, and all of the original six, are very much the focus of Endgame in a very personal and emotional way.”

“Avengers: Endgame” opens April 26th.