Ender’s Game Author Causes New Headache

If there was one thing Summit Entertainment probably wishes it could do right now, it would be to muzzle author Orson Scott Card until at least a few weeks after the release of “Ender’s Game”.

Card is the author of the famed sci-fi novel on which the upcoming film is based. He’s also been the bane of the studio for not just his outspoken views but active efforts to deny gay couples marriage equality.

Now, a rambling post by the author back in May is suddenly gaining traction for its suggestion that President Barack Obama “could become lifetime dictator without any serious internal opposition”.

He also says Obama is “funding the Christian-killing Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,” compares him to the likes of Hitler, Napoleon and “Iranian dictators”. He also says Obama has never had to work or struggle in his life, and is hostile to all religion except his own cult.

Summit has understandably declined to discuss Card’s comments.

Source: The Wrap