Emmys Following Oscar Trend & Going Hostless

Emmys Following Oscar Trend Going Hostless

Going into this year’s Oscars ceremony, there was serious concern and cries of doom and gloom as the production was going without a host. The result? The ceremony was one of the best in years, moving briskly along (relatively speaking) and up by 12% in the ratings.

It was enough of a success the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are rumored to be doing the same again next year, and now FOX and the Television Academy are set to copy the format for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards next month.

FOX CEO Charlie Collier made the announcement today at the TCA’s, saying the network ‘had many names on the board’ but ultimately decided to have the show just focus on the nominated programs.

The Primetime Emmy Awards haven’t gone without a host since 2003, but ratings have been on the downward slide with last year’s pulling in just 10.1 million viewers. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will air live on FOX on September 22nd.

Source: FOX