Emmett/Furla Want Neeson For “Trade”

Emmett/Furla Films have acquired and will finance the action thriller “Fair Trade” as a potential starring vehicle for Liam Neeson reports Deadline.

The company picked up the project, which had been in development at Alcon Entertainment, and aims to begin shooting next Summer in Pittsburgh. Final negotiations are underway with Open Road Films for domestic distribution.

A remake of the Serbian thriller “The Trap”, the story follows a limo driver whose son is in desperate need of surgery – surgery his insurance company won’t cover.

A mysterious man approaches with a deal: he’ll pay for the child’s surgery if the driver kills a mobster. Warren at first refuses, but reconsiders once he realizes his child’s life depends on it.

While the studio wants Neeson, it isn’t clear if the actor will star. Ericson Core (“Invincible”) is directing from a script by Matt Aldrich.