Emmett/Furla Revive Hasbro’s “Monopoly”

Emmett/Furla Films will finance and co-produce three films based on Hasbro properties in the next two years says Deadline.

The first cab off the rank will be the film based on the board game “Monopoly” which they hope to get into production next year. Ridley Scott was previously linked as director, that’s almost certainly not the case anymore.

The other two are thought to be “Action Man” and “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. Brandon Grimes, Stepan Martisoyan and Remington Chase will co-produce the films while Emmett/Furla will co-finance.

Hasbro’s last overall deal was at Universal Pictures, a deal which only resulted in the big-budget flop “Battleship”. Universal shed all its other Hasbro-based films in development after that, some of which have been picked up by others.