Emmett J. Scanlan Is Lobo In “Krypton” S2

Emmett J Scanlan Is Lobo In Krypton S2

Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan (“Hollyoaks,” “Safe,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”) has scored the role of the season long villain Lobo in the upcoming second season of Syfy’s Superman prequel series “Krypton”.

Scanlan will play the iconic role of the ruthless, virtually immortal and superhumanly strong bounty hunter who murdered his entire species and has a genius-level intellect when it comes to warfare. Lobo’s word is the only thing he holds sacred.

The show’s second season will expand beyond Kandor to other planets as Doomsday is unleashed, and will also delve into the origins of Brainiac and get a better sense of the true threat the character poses.

Source: THR