Emmerich Plans Battle of Midway Film

Roland Emmerich has announced plans to follow-up his upcoming sci-fi sequel “Independence Day Resurgence” with a film about a war of a different sort – the Second World War.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Independence Day” with a special screening at Century City, Emmerich was a part of a special pre-film Q&A where he announced he’s developing the project. Speaking about it he had this to say:

“At the time, the Americans were the underdog. It was one of those moments where, against all odds, people came together and did the impossible. A lot of pilots died in this battle. I want to make a monument to them and it would be great to make a movie about it.”

The battle itself took place June 4th 1942, six months after Pearl Harbor. The United States Navy, over the course of the following several days, inflicting devastating damage on the Japanese fleet that proved irreparable. It is considered one of the most decisive blows in the history of naval warfare.

Source: Coming Soon