Emma Thompson’s “Effie” On Hold

Oscar-winning actress/screenwriter Emma Thompson in a legal battle over who authored her latest film “Effie” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in 19th Century England, the story revolves around a love triangle involving art critic John Ruskin, his teenage wife Effie Gray and painter John Everett Millais. Orlando Bloom, Saoirse Ronan, and Thompson herself are currently set to star.

The film’s producers have now gone to a New York federal court to get a declaration that Thompson’s script doesn’t infringe the copyright of playwright Gregory Murphy’s play “The Countess” which opened in 1999 and was revived in 2005.

Thompson never had access to Murphy’s play and denies copying it. Murphy’s lawyers are said to be hounding the new film production and the outcome of this issue could determine whether the film gets made or not.