Emma Thompson Reprises “Father” Role

Twenty years later, Emma Thompson is reprising a role albeit in a quite different project. Thompson is attached to play a character based on renowned human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce in the upcoming thriller “The Secret Evidence” at 2B Pictures and South Creek Pictures reports Screen Daily.

The Middle East and London-set drama follows a young British couple mistakenly caught up in the war on terror who turn to Thompson’s character to get one of them out of prison. However, in fighting for her boyfriend’s freedom, the young woman finds herself and her family subject to attack from the UK Government’s secret service.

Thompson scored an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Guildford Four defence lawyer Peirce in Jim Sheridan’s acclaimed 1993 drama “In the Name of the Father”.

Nicholas Racz (“The Burial Society”) will direct and has co-written the script with Cerie Bullivant. The $6-8 million US-UK-Canada co-production aims to begin shooting this Fall.