Elysium Tops AFM 2013 Piracy List

Ahead of the annual American Film Market (AFM) this week, a report has been published by CEG TEK International which lists the top 400 most pirated movies of the 3,000 completed titles and distributors that participated in last year’s market.

Using proprietary detection software to track activity within peer-to-peer networks, the company came up with a daily average of global downloads. Neil Blomkamp’s “Elysium” was the most in demand title (by a long shot) with an average of 161,891 downloads per day. That’s almost four times that of second place title, Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects,” with 48,756.

Also in the top ten were “2 Guns” (47,538), “The World’s End” (44,328), “RED 2” (33,331), “Safe Haven” (32,576), “Empire State” (32,048), “21 and Over” (31,043), “Escape Plan” (30,035), and “Blood Of Redemption” (25,483).

The full list of the Top 400 can be found here.

Source: Screen