Elwes, McDowell, Cox Are Dead

First Line Entertainment and producer Edward Bass are teaming on three features says The Hollywood Reporter.

The first is “As Good as Dead”, a thriller in which Cary Elwes plays a left-wing extremist who goes on the run after killing the reverend (Brian Cox) behind a white supremacist group.

Andie MacDowell plays the widow who hunts him down with two redneck accomplices (Frank Whaley, Matt Dallas). Jess Wexler plays Ethan’s estranged wife, and Laura Harring plays his neighbor.

Jonathan Mossek is directing the feature, which he wrote with Erez Mossek and Eve Pomerance. Shooting is under way in New York.

Next is the western “Good Day for It” about a man who returns home to face gang members who forced him out of his small town. Nick Stagliano is directing and James Canfield Wolf is penning.

Finally is “The Shadow of the Shah”, a biopic about the Shah of Iran’s twin sister Princess Ashraf Pahlavi. Bass himself penned the story about the woman dubbed ‘The Black Panther’ who supported Iranian women’s rights before the 1979 revolution forced her into exile.