Elmore Leonard’s “Bandits” Finally Happening?

Bruce Willis is (once again) set for the lead role in the ensemble drama “Bandits” based on the Elmore Leonard 1987 novel of the same name.

The black comedy is set in New Orleans and Willis will play Jack Delaney, an ex-con struggling to stay on the straight path working in his brother’s funeral home. He soon meets a gorgeous lapsed nun freshly returned from Nicaragua who wants his help to smuggle out a beautiful young woman with leprosy.

Said woman has an ex-lover who is a mad Somoza-esque colonel who wants to kill her for possibly infecting him. He is also fleecing rich Americans to help fund the contras. As a result, Delaney sets out with the ex-nun and an ex-cop to stop the colonel and get away with his fortune.

Mitch Glazer (“Magic City,” “Rock The Kasbah”) is penning the script while Randall Emmett, George Furla, Lee Stollman and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein will produce.

Willis bought the rights to project years ago, but it didn’t come together at the time. Now, things seem to be finally moving.

Source: Deadline