Ellroy’s “Blood’s A Rover” Gets Adapted

VS Entertainment has acquired screen rights to L.A. Confidential author James Ellroy’s new novel “Blood’s A Rover” says Deadline.

Set in the late 1960s and early ’70s, the story follows three men – J. Edgar Hoover’s strong-arm goon, an ex-cop and heroin runner in the Dominican Republic, and a private eye on the verge of uncovering a conspiracy – who are all in pursuit of a ‘Red Goddess’ by the name of Joan Rosen Klein.

The novel is the last in Ellroy’s ‘Underworld USA’ trilogy after “American Tabloid” and “The Cold Six Thousand”. Vincent Sieber and Clark Peterson will produce.

The news follows last week’s report that “I Am Love” helmer Luca Guadagnino is planning an adaptation of Ellroy’s “The Big Nowhere”, the second of his four “L.A. Quartet” novels. The first and third novels in that series – “The Black Dahlia” and “L.A. Confidential” – have already been adapted.