Ellen Shanman To Pen “Tiger & Bunny” Film

Novelist and screenwriter Ellen Shanman has been hired to pen the script for the English-language live-action feature based on a popular Japanese manga ” at Imagine Entertainment, All Nippon Entertainment Works and BANDAI NAMCO Pictures.

Set in the near-futuristic city of Stern Bild, the buddy hero story follows professional superheroes known as “NEXT” who fight crime and save lives. Veteran Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (aka. Wild Tiger) is forced to collaborate with a cocky rookie named Barnaby Brooks Jr. (aka. Bunny) in order to protect the city and save each other.

Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki will produce. The property has previously been adapted into a late night TV series and two animated films along with live action stage shows, exhibitions, and concerts.

Source: Heat Vision