Ellen Page, Anthony Edwards Call Out Harassers

The voices of victims of sexual harassment and assault are continuing to emerge from the bright lights being shined on the entertainment industry and deliberately ignored and overlooked practices over the past few decades as stories continue to emerge day after day.

Today, Ellen Page took to Facebook to share her heartbreaking account of being sexually harassed and outed by director Brett Ratner on the set of “X-Men: The Last Stand” which she was only eighteen and still coming to terms with her sexuality when Ratner humiliated her in front of others and treated women horribly and everyone around her tolerated it. In fact she was reprimanded when she spoke out. Page also shares her regret about making a movie with Woody Allen in the post which can be read in full below.

Meanwhile actor Anthony Edwards has written an explosive essay on alleged sexual molestation he suffered at the age of 12 at the hand of Broadway producer and theme park designer Gary Goddard. Goddard has previously been under the microscope due to allegations from Mike Egan, the underaged boy at the time who also accused “X-Men” franchise director Bryan Singer. The lawsuits against both men that he accused of sexual abuse were dismissed. The full piece is up at Medium.

Then there’s “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick who has been the subject of rape allegations by two women. In a statement posted on social media on Thursday, Westwick said both claims were ‘unverified’ and ‘provably untrue,’ but The Guardian reports that the Los Angeles police department (LAPD) confirmed it was investigating the allegations. As a result, The BBC is dropping its three-part Christmas drama “Ordeal by Innocence” until the matter was resolved. Additionally Westwick has stopped filming for his lead role in “White Gold,” which is on the BBC in the UK and Netflix globally.

The news comes as Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has established a special task to force to look into allegations of sexual assault in the entertainment industry as, despite all the allegations, no crimes have been referred for prosecution to the DA’s office by local law enforcement agencies.