Elizabeth Sequel Trailer Description

I didn’t post a ‘most-anticipated’ list this year but if I had, the upcoming sequel to 1998’s brilliant but often overlooked masterpiece “Elizabeth” would be right up there.

Now, the first trailer for the film has snuck its way onto Youtube this morning – and not surprisingly was quickly yanked by the studio.

Shame as it looks great. From Cate Blanchett’s fiery monologue which sends chills down the spine to some beautiful shots of the Spanish armada in full force, the story covers Queen Elizabeth’s most famous victory on the battlefield and hints at a more epic scope than the original. Amongst the shots glimpsed:

– Silhouettes of cardinals walking behind a giant English flag

– Dozens of ships in fog firing cannons

– Elizabeth consults Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush). She says “This Spanish armada is at sea with an army of… 10,000 men?” to which he responds “Their combined strength will overwhelm us.”

– A distraught Elizabeth consults an elderly man who offers the advice “When the storm breaks, some are dumb with terror and some spread their wings like eagles and soar.”

– Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen) introduces himself, the Queen dressed in yellow and wearing a huge floral headdress mockingly says “well well” and shoots a knowing look to a blond woman (Abbie Cornish).

– A scene with the Queen, in her full white garb, being held at gunpoint. Cuts to a gunman (Rhys Ifans) shooting, back to the Queen who graphically flinches and hands tremble.

– The big scene of the trailer has the Queen confronting a Spanish messenger, with quick cuts of other shots such as the Spanish palace. She says “Tell Philip. I fear neither him, nor his armies.” The messenger says “There is a wind coming that will sweep away your pride” to which she shouts in response “I too can command the wind, sir. I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare.”

– Another close-up shot of the Spanish armada, really quite beautiful and gives a sense of the scale of these ships.

– What looks to be Samantha Morton putting her head on an executioner’s block.

A very LOTR/Braveheart-esque scene of the Queen in armor on horseback giving a speech to her forces – “Let them come with the armies of hell, they will not pass.”

Elizabeth in a giant dress bathed in sunlight as the camera revolves around her and then above her looking down on her standing on a giant floormap of England and Ireland.

– Finally the title which is officially listed as “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”.