Elizabeth Banks To Helm “Red Queen” Film

Elizabeth Banks (“Pitch Perfect 2”) is in negotiations to helm the film adaptation of the young adult novel “Red Queen” at Universal Pictures.

A blending of “Hunger Games,” “Cinderella” and “X-Men,” the story is set in a world divided by blood color with the ‘elite’ sporting silver blood and supernatural powers as opposed to regular people with red blood and no powers.

When a red blooded street urchin saves her best friend, she is brought before the king and queen, where she suddenly displays special powers. To hide this startling news, the king invents a past for her as a lost princess and sets her up to marry one of his sons.

She soon finds herself conflicted as she becomes part of the silver world while at the same time aiding a group plotting a red rebellion. Gennifer Hutchison adapted the script.

Jake Weiner, Chris Bender, JC Spink and Pouya Shahbazian are producing.

Source: Heat Vision