Elijah Wood Talks His “Hobbit” Cameo

Attending the Sundance Film Festival, Elijah Wood spoke with MTV News about reprising his role of Frodo for a cameo in “The Hobbit” and his excitement for it.

“It’s a gift to be able to go back to New Zealand. I mean, it’s largely the same crew and the same creative team. It’s seven years since we finished on the last film, and it’s an opportunity to go back and have a reunion with everyone” says Wood.

Of his involvement in the film, Wood says “You know, it’s a very small piece, and I think that’s the most appropriate. Obviously Frodo’s not alive within the context of the ‘Hobbit’ piece.”

So how exactly will he be incorporated into the narrative? Wood ducks the question but assures fans it’s honorable – “It’s an idea that Peter and Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens] — the writers — came up with. The way that it’ll fit in will not at all infringe upon the integrity of ‘The Hobbit.’ So I think it’s — it’ll fit. And it’ll be appropriate. And I’m excited. It’ll be great.”