Eli Roth On Thanksgiving Feature

In between projects, “Hostel” director Eli Roth told Slashfilm that he has plans to expand his “Grindhouse” faux trailer “Thanksgiving” into a feature.

“I’m actually writing it with my friend Jeff just to have it ready. The first Grindhouse cost almost 70 million dollars. So I’m like, we should do it like Dogma 95 and call it Dogshit 2007, where you get half a million bucks and six days and no rehearsals. We’d have to list out crazy rules but we still want to do it. I’ve talked about doing it as a 45 minute movie with just so many missing reels” he says.

Meanwhile Roth had posed nude for a double page spread in the upcoming photo book “Guts: The Art of Marketing Horror Films” which includes clever use of a KNB prosthetic that I borrowed the other day (I promise boys I’ll return it when I’m finished). See the photo (definitely not worksafe) at NYMag.