Eleanor Rigby Gets Three Theatrical Cuts

Several years ago, Ned Benson set out to do an ambitious two-part film for his feature directorial debut entitled “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”.

Enlisting the help of actors Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, the result was two films, one subtitled ‘Him’ and the other ‘Her’, which both chronicled the disintegration of a marriage from different perspectives. Both films screened at Toronto last Fall.

Then came word a few weeks ago that The Weinstein Company would release the project in North America on September 26th, but it would be one film only – a two-hour cut that interweaves both perspectives and goes by the subtitle ‘Them’. That one will premiere at Cannes this month.

Now, Deadline reports that TWC will release all three versions (Him, Her, Them) this Fall. ‘Them’ is the one that will hit cinemas on September 26th, with the longer two-film version scoring a limited art house cinema release sometime around late October/November.

Benson says he wasn’t forced by Weinstein to create a more audience-friendly cut of the film, rather he did it out of his own curiosity. He adds that he’s very happy the viewer has the choice of seeing either the two-hour single film, or the two-part three-hour long version.